Cassia Cottage – The Spice House

Cassia Cottage
Cassia Cottage

Cassia Cottage is the natural place you have dreamt of–a stylish, green home where time stands still. A place to enjoy simpler things, such as walking barefoot on the beach at sunset, listening to the gecko’s song, chatting by the pool or picking fresh fruit in our tropical garden… Cassia Cottage is neither luxurious nor pretentious, but has more than the comforts of home. It’s a place to open your eyes and your heart. A place to take a deep breath and find what’s essential: Family, friends and maybe… yourself.

Cassia Cottage - Feeling peace
Cassia Cottage – Feeling peace

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There’s never a shortage of places to explore or new things to do on Phu Quoc. Our staff will be pleased to arrange tours for you. Here are some possibilities:

Diving and Snorkeling
Some very pleasant diving areas with pristine hard and soft corals and small, colorful reef and coral fish. Diving and snorkeling excursions start approximately at 8.30 am. You spend all the day on the boat and have lunch there as well. All tours are guided by certified instructors and can be booked directly at the hotel reception.

Snorkeling in  Phu Quoc
Snorkeling in Phu Quoc

Our own beach is calm and clean. The island is… an island! There are 150 kilometers of beach to explore

At Nam Dao in the south of the island you can visit a fishing village and even go fishing. Some boats also organize squid fishing tours at night with barbecue on the boat.


National Forest
Tours to the beautiful National Forest at Bac Dao can be arranged.

At the Suoi Tranh waterfall, the stream is surrounded with green trees, grass and fragrant flowers. The clear waters flow gently through nooks and crannies, then through large rocks that form the falls.

Da Ban stream is situated about 6 kilometers due east of Duong Dong. It gets its name from the many table–like rock formations that make up the stream, “ da” meaning “rock” and “ban“ meaning “table“. Legend has it that fairies come to this stream to play checkers on these “tables”. There are many rock pools along its length with beautiful wild ginseng and orchids growing along its banks.

Da Ban Stream
Da Ban Stream

Night Market
The night market is only a few minutes by taxi or 30 minutes walk on the beach. You can enjoy food and barbecue there in a very typical Vietnamese atmosphere.