Discover Phu Quoc on New Year Eve 2017

Tet holiday
Tet holiday

The resorts and hotel rooms in Phu Quoc are booked in advance for the peak season. December to mid-February is the dry season here and hence this is the ideal time to visit Phu Quoc Island. Christmas, New Year and the Vietnamese New Year are the most popular holidays in Phu Quoc. Those who attend the New Year Eve celebrations in Phu Quoc get the opportunity to explore the way of life in Phu Quoc. However, the biggest festival in Phu Quoc is the Tet (Lunar New Year). On New Year Eve the local people burn incense and offer their prayers at Dinh Cau temple which is on the Duong Dong Beach.

New Year Eve festival

The various resorts in Phu Quoc organize Phu Quoc holiday trips from February 2 to 5 during the Tet New Year festival. The night market will be crowded on New Year Eve. All the local people participate and celebrate together. The festivities include a spectacular display of fireworks. People go for shopping also and purchase fashion dresses and black pearl earrings. The visitors from other countries get excited when they come to know about the Vietnamese culture, customs and traditional rituals. The hotels and resorts in Phu Quoc offer grand New Year’s Eve dinner party. At the midnight there will be fireworks display at Dinh Cau temple also. Champagne and special Tet dishes are served in the dinner party and also there will be folk games. On New Years Eve, many people pause for photos with the “God of Wealth and the “God of Earth.” People also go for a boat trip along the western coast of the island.


Boat trip & NYE dinner

Many people take the boat trip to the Cau Temple where they burn joss-sticks and pray for prosperity and good luck. The fishermen believe that fishing in the sea at the beginning of the New Year will fetch them good luck. Apart from the Cau temple, the tourists visit various other places also like Sung Hung Pagoda, Su Muon Pagoda and the Duong Dong Market. Those who plan for the holiday trip to Phu Quoc can book the resorts online in advance. Goi ca Trich is a common dish in the menu of all seaside luxury restaurants in Phu Quoc. The dinner buffet on the NYE organized by the resorts will consist of square glutinous rice cake, roosters and variety of fruits including watermelons, custard apple, coconut, papaya and mango.

Tet's food
Tet’s food

Hotel on NYE

Phu Quoc has full range of accommodations for any tourist requirements. Popular hotels and resorts are:

  • Eden Phu Quoc Resort
  • VinPearl Phu Quoc Resort
  • Saigon Phu Quoc Resort
  • Bauhinia Resort
  • Mariot Hotel
  • Thien Hai Son Resort
  • La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc
  • The Shells Resort and Spa
  • Chen Sea Resort & Spa Phu Quoc
  • Mercure Phu Quoc Resort & Villas
  • Centara Boutique Collection